If you have decided to buy new carpet make sure that you go through the installation before you buy.

    It is important to understand the type of carpet you will need for your application. Make sure you understand the quality of the carpet as well.

    You can start by purchasing your carpet from a reputable retailer such as arizona carpet and tile.

    You should work with a carpet installation company that will go out to your home or business to get proper measurements, proper transition placements and proper seam placement

    Most carpet rolls are 12 feet wide , so most rooms in your home or business will require seams. You can somewhat hide seams if you run them under furniture or away from doorways.

    Make sure you understand the warranties. All carpet manufactures have some sort of warranty on there carpet.

    An installer should know what they are doing and the must follow the standards that are set by CRI The carpet and rug institute. Your carpet will need to be power stretched to insure proper installation.

    Make sure that you have all paperwork explaining costs of your job. You will want to know who is taking the left over carpet , who will be disposing of the old carpet and padding and who will be moving the furniture.

    Most carpet jobs will have 10% or less left over carpet per room after installation from cut pieces. You may want to have small rugs out of the pieces that can be bound on the edges.

    You will want to install carpet last if doing a full remodel. You will want to make sure all baseboards are painted and ready to go.

    Make sure you have the installation company clean up the floor before laying down new flooring. Make sure you get up all dirt before installing new carpet and padding.

    Make sure you walk the job with the installer to make sure everything is done to you needs and that they installed the carpet the same way that was discussed at the beginning of the job.

    It can take a while for the odor of new carpet to disappear usually about 48 hours but could take longer depends on the situation of the install.

    Make sure that the carpet installation company vacuums when they complete the job to get most of the loose fibers up. There will be times after new carpet is installed that there will be more loose fibers come loose. Just vacuum them up and cut any frayed loops or tuff’s with scissors.

    Finally make sure the bill is exactly what you discussed at the beginning of your installation. Hope this helps and have a great day. Call Arizona carpet and tile if you have any other questions.